Word of The Year

Personally, I do not do New Years resolutions. A new year is a chance to reset and be inspired. A resolution for me, tends to kick off my year stressed, thinking I having to constantly try to stick to my resolution or hit a goal. But I do like to choose a word to live by for the next year. A word I can look back at as a reminder of the new year, the new reset, and a reminder that I have the power to choose to live by this word every day.

2022 is the year I will be. Be in the moment. Be in the slowness. Be in the crazy. Be content in whatever life has to offer. I am choosing to focus on being every day of 2022. With simply being, I’ll be able to embrace, feel and be present in every thing that I do. I will truly get to enjoy all things wedding planning and marrying my best friend. I will be able to focus on how MPrint is inspiring and touching others. I will be able to be at peace rather than getting anxiety of what’s next.

Last year I chose vulnerability as my word of the year and gosh darn it I am so proud of the progress I made with that word. I slowly started opening up. I allowed others to be a part of my journey. I felt freedom when I started to share my journey. And the most amazing thing was I was able to build connections with people who have gone through their own struggles. An amazing reminder that we are not alone.

I cannot wait to look back at 2022 and reflect on all the moments I was simply being. The moments I was present, content and enjoying my life. Looking back at the moments I took my pups on a walk. Looking back at the people MPrint inspired. Looking back at the people that felt less alone. Looking back at the day I got to marry Eric. And looking back at the year we started our forever.

So here’s to 2022. While you may be setting those goals I hope you also take a moment to slow down. Reflect on what you need to be at peace and have calmness in your year ahead.

Happy 2022, babes!

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