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The Year of MPrint

We’re taught to be honest at a really early age, yet we all kind of suck at it. As we grow older we get this weird interconnection between being honest and being polite; that our honesty almost disappears.

I think we all struggle with honesty. I truly do, and hear me out. You may have not intentionally lied recently, but when you change your beliefs to fit other people’s needs, you are lying to yourself and honestly the other person as well.

When you try to benefit someone else, by changing your opinion and beliefs, you are actually harming and lying to yourself and the other person involved.

Let that sink in, because this has truly been one of my lifesavers. Be honest, be you, because when you are, you are able to be the best version of yourself.

I like to pair this with the bandaid method. If you just pull off that damn bandaid (say the truth) it’ll hurt for a second but then you do not have to worry about it after that. The other option is causing unnecessary stress to your body which is NOT good, thinking about how bad that bandaid is going to hurt, just fucking do it, get it over with, and move the FUCK on!

So let’s be honest, MPrint is transitioning into what is best for us and our customers. In 2021 our goal has been to niche down, find our passion and ideal customers, and we have found that, thanks to each and every one of you. It has been a crazy journey these past three years navigating who MPrint is. We started as custom apparel, a year later we built our website, and a year after that, we started to zone in our true brand and our mission.

When I decided to niche down it was pretty scary. I knew I’d lose business for a while but I trusted the process of building a business I loved and am passionate about rather than a business to simply make money. I knew if I lead with my heart and my passion, things would eventually fall into place.

And gosh dang it, did it work.

Year two when I decided to transition into my niche, I still had my toes dipped in each avenue; custom and my passion branding. Although I decided on building a niche, I would still accept custom orders I wasn’t passionate about, and I don’t know about you guys, but if you believe at all in the power of manifestation, there is no wonder I wasn’t succeeding the way I wanted to by having both of those avenues open. I was essentially telling the universe I don’t believe my niche alone can support me.

2021 came around and the new year talk about setting goals started. It was also almost 6 months into my mental health journey and finding out what I wanted in my life personally which I realized flowed so much into my entrepreneurial journey.

My goal was to be unapologetically me.

I decided this was not only the year of Mariah but also the year of MPrint. My custom apparel was very much like who I was, it was there to please everyone, it didn’t really know who it was, it didn’t have a main purpose or mission. I found out I did have a purpose, I did have a mission and that meant MPrint did too.

A purpose to inspire others, to teach people to own who they are, to be proud of where they are at, and to know that we are there for them.

My idea on how to do that, was to show who I am.

This year MPrint has been focused on mental health, self love, boss babes, local love, women empowerment, and honestly just coming the frick together.

Society has taught us to compete, to be better than your neighbor, to do more, to see more, to have more, but that’s not what life is about, it’s about you being enough, as is, right now!

It’s about owning who you are.

So here is MPrint. We are a boutique and design shop. We are here to inspire you to be you! We want to help you express yourself, your home and your business.

Although we may not be a custom apparel shop anymore, we are still here for you.

We are focusing on being our best self, for our customers. This means we are only providing our branding apparel, including tees, crews and hoodies. We will continue to produce comfy and cozy Bella + Canvas apparel, paired with our unique designs.

Unfortunately we will not be offering other styles, however we are confident that this will help us achieve the best performance to our clientele. We are here to serve you with our minimalistic, simple and cozy designed apparel.

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