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One Size Fits All Is Bull

Do you ever just feel like you have so much to say that you honestly can't even form one sentence about it? That is kind of how I feel with body positivity and self love. When I am passionate about something my thoughts sometimes just twirl up in a tornado in my brain and I have to wait for it to calm down, everything to fall back down to the ground and then see what I have to form a sentence. So, lets see if I can calm the storm a little bit and talk about the damn thing!

Designing your life for you isn't just some slogan I pulled out of my ass because it sounded cute. Nope, not at all, it is something I preach because it is something so darn important. Nothing in this world is a one size fits all type of deal, so we have to design it! You, yeah you, have the power to design everything around you to fit you, not the other way around. When I talk about designing your health, there is truly no other meaning than to design it for you, to serve you, to make you feel good, to make you your best self- whatever that best self is!

Do you struggle with self love and body positivity? Let's dive in to where that came from. Society for young girls fucking sucks. When we are young we absorb information like a sponge. Seriously, ask my two year old niece, that chick is a genius! One day we are walking around with pink leggings, plastic sparkly heels and a Barbie bra as an outfit of choice and then all of a sudden we are slammed with the big ugly monster called comparison. We decide we hate our body, we hide it or we alter it, we are ashamed of it, we try to "fix" it, we compare again, ultimately, we decide we are not enough. It turns into a never ending cycle. But what if we just chose to love it? What if we realized our body is serving us with a beautiful life? What if we were proud of it and encouraged other women to do the same? That would be powerful as shit, if you ask me!

As we become women, we get to decide if we are going to let that younger self of ours believe the self harming bullshit about our amazing bodies or if we are going to love her, accept her and teach her that your body is worthy. Society tears down our self love, our acceptance for our body, our deserved confidence in ourselves, but guess what boo, we have the power to build that back up and design our self love just as it should be!

I swear I was born with stretch marks, I have had them as long as I remember. I was called fat in middle school and I let that alter my own opinion of myself. When we did the BMI in P.E. (which don't even get me started on how fucking stupid I think that is, and honestly very harmful to a kid's self esteem), I was considered obese. I did diets after diets. I tried doing exercises that no one should do after multiple back surgeries. Enough was enough, I decided I cannot keep doing this to myself. I was struggling with a life long chronic back condition and mental health issues, why would I possibly put myself and my body through even more stress and harm?

So I decided to design my health, for me. I choose to eat gluten free because gluten is an inflammatory which can affect my chronic pain. I choose to eat proteins, healthy fat, fruits and veggies most of the time because it makes my body feel good, but somedays I eat a whole plate of nachos by myself because they are my favorite food and I now choose to have a healthy relationship with food rather than restrictive. Wine and coffee are my love languages but I make sure to drink plenty of water everyday to keep my muscles from tightening up. Walking my dogs allows me to move my body and loosen up without hurting my back. These are the things I chose to be a part of my designed life that make me feel good and let my best self shine like it should. These are the things that are important to me, things that will make me feel good, they were hand selected by me to make me feel the kind of healthy I want to be. This is how I design my health. And in case you forgot that one size fits all is total bull, remember that your designed life can and will look totally different than mine. Because yours will be designed to fit to your uniquely amazing badass self!

Let's get designing your health, for you. What things are important to you? How do you like to care for your body? What foods make you feel good? What do you need more of, what do you need less of? It is all up to you. Once you realize that you get to choose what works for your body, you will start to feel more comfortable with it. There will be no reason to be upset with yourself or your body because you are living your life for you, you are caring for your body as you see fit, your body is serving you, and that is something to be damn proud of. But, we are human after all, every now and then I feel negative thoughts creep in, maybe I ate way too much the day before and I don't feel good. I make sure to sit with it and tell myself I am caring for my body exactly how I want to, my body is mine, it is fulfilling its purpose of serving me, and for that I am thankful.

Don't forget to thank your body today. It is absolutely amazing, because it is you.

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