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Mistakes. Are. Normal.

You have made a mistake, and you are sitting there feeling horrible, feeling less than, feeling unworthy.


Seriously, why? You are human. You are meant to make mistakes. Mistakes are magical, they help you grow. They teach you lessons. They are crucial for human existence. It gives us an opportunity to evolve and to better ourselves.

So why do we get so damn hard on ourselves about this?

We need to start reframing our mindset on this. Be proud of yourself when you are able to recognize a mistake. Give yourself a pat on the back when you then are able to forgive yourself and grow from that mistake.

Own it.

Because that is what makes you powerful + strong.

Let's cheer each other on for our mistakes!

You go girl, I am proud of you for taking a chance, for believing in yourself even when you failed, because you were taught resilience, you gave yourself compassion and grace to move on. You took ownership in order to grow and evolve from that experience. I appreciate your vulnerability to admit you were wrong.

You are a strong woman. You are human. You are powerful.

Always know how powerful you are. Keep reminding yourself just how worthy you are. Fuck perfectionism, that shit's overrated. We are here for you! We are here for authenticity. We are here for strength. Let's keep cheering each other on for growing + continuing to show up for ourselves and others!

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