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Mental Health Monday

We’ve come a long way with mental health. When I was first diagnosed with the d word, I was embarrassed. I was ashamed and thought I was broken as a thirteen year old girl who had to take depression medicine and go to counseling. I didn’t take my counseling serious because I was pissed and embarrassed I had to be there. I wouldn’t even give it a chance.

Now here I am, twelve years later, proud as fuck that I finally choose my self. I choose to work on me for me, I choose to take care of myself and be damn proud of it. I proudly go to counseling weekly and carve time out for self care every morning.

Even though we’ve came a long way we still have so much more to work on.

Mental health is encouraged to be talked about. We share our stories in hope to inspires others to share theirs. But sometimes I feel like people belittle it because it is so much more common than we thought.

So many people struggle with mental health. We have the opportunity to uplift each other, support each other, be there for each other. But I am here to remind you that it does not take away the severity of what you’re going through.

Be proud to share your story, to tell people your journey, to show them you’re fighting for yourself. Know that your mental health struggles are valid. That it’s okay to have hard days. Make sure you and your mental health is taken seriously. Know that you’re strong dealing with your mental health, day after day, but also give yourself grace on the days you do not have the energy to fight.

Take care of you for you! Advocate for yourself and know that you are doing the best you can.

You are a fighter and we love you!

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