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Make Those Mistakes, Babe

I have such a love hate relationship with the word “mistake”, anyone else? Here’s where I struggle with it. Mistake seems like such an icky negative word. On the other hand, it’s the act that helps you grow, and y’all know I’m all about growing around here! Last week we had a little small business Q&A action in our stories, and boy was it fun! I was so interested to hear about what you guys wanted to learn more about! The most popular question- mistakes you learned from.

So come on and experience my lovely little anxiety filled, enneagram type 5, need to know all the answers brain for a second. What mistakes have I learned from with MPrint. At first I couldn’t think of an answer, NOT because I haven’t made a “mistake” but because, just like the question says, I learned from them- so using that icky word mistake, just didn’t seem right to me. Isn’t my overthinking brain fun! So as I pondered my mistakes and severely questioning if I can truthfully answer this question, I realized this is 100 percent something we should talk about, so here we are!

Mistake #1:

In the beginning of my business was designing and producing things that would sell. Why is that a mistake to rake in some dough? Here’s why- I was simply printing things that would pay my bills, not the types of designs that I was passionate about. Not the designs that scream MPrint. I had a passion for designing and printing no matter what the design was, but I wanted to be proud of everything that left my press. Let’s rewind a little bit, shall we? Would I consider this a “mistake," ehhhh, I don’t know, it got me started, it taught me to design with my heart and put my passion above anything else, ultimately, it pushed me to find my dream clients. Call me crazy, but I’d say that’s a success!

Mistake #2:

My "mistakes" almost always come back to me not being in the right head space. Being distracted, rushed, in pain, or just simply an off day, can affect my work. Thankfully this is something I’m aware of and I make sure to be fully present while I am working. My clients deserve me at my best and it’s my job to make sure they receive the best of MPrint. Every time I step foot into my office I check in with myself and make sure I am all there and ready to work. This has helped tremendously with making less mistakes. We’ve all heard the quote “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” so remember to take care of yourself first!

Mistake #3:

Giving myself too high of standards. I was talking to an amazing female business owner the other day and she said this mistake alone has made her consider throwing in the towel. I’ve used this example in a previous blog but let’s go back to talking to your BFF instead, would you hold someone else to the crazy high standards you’re putting on yourself. Chances are the answer is a no go, so why the heck do you put that pressure on yourself. Don’t spread yourself thin just because you think that’s what you’re supposed to do. What you’re supposed to do is be you, for you! If that means working a little longer a few days to take a whole day off for self care, do it! If that means getting up a half hour earlier so you can get some hot tubing in and some yoga, do it! This is your life, which gives you the power to do your life at your pace. The world needs you at your highest self and your highest self is present when you are taken care of! Don’t stress yourself with unnecessary expectations.

I’ll leave you with a wonderful quote from my counselor, “pick your hards.” Yes life will be hard, yes you do have to go to work on days you don’t feel like it, but you, yes YOU, get to choose what things you’re doing to do to balance the hards, and throw out the hards that simply aren’t needed.

& remember mistakes are just guides to lead you to where you’re meant to be, so make those mistakes, babe!

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