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Live for Now.

I am catching myself planning for my life so damn much, that I began to realize I am forgetting to live it.

It is so damn easy to get stuck in the next chapter.

But what about the now?

Why are we so eager to get to the next best thing. while simultaneously saying life is too short, live for the moment?

I will give you my two cents on why:


social media


These are all aspects that add pressure to plan for what's next. The second you get married, people are asking when you are having babies. We watch someone's social media post and decide we need to plan for a perfect picture life like theirs. Scrolling through pins, we are pinning on what we have planned for the future, what to wear for the next season, what to prepare for a party.

Trust me, I GET IT!

I have been there- shit I am still there. But I keep asking myself why. Why, do you think it is more important to plan for something that may be taking place years from now rather than living and enjoying the precious moments around you. Why am I am planning outfits and styles when I could just choose what makes me happy, rather than the trend that will die out in a few months leaving me to start over.

This all makes me wonder, is this why there is such a disconnect on who we truly are. What brings us joy. Why we do the things we do. Do you feel stuck in autopilot day after day, it may be because you aren't living for you.

As a society, I think we have lost who we truly are.

Fuck the next best thing, because you know what, there will always be a new "thing", we can quit chasing it when we decide to live for who we are.

Live for you. Create your own damn rules. Slow down and enjoy the now. The simple little things that bring you joy. Those will be the moments you look back on.

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