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Life’s been heavy for most.

Life’s been heavy. It’s been for most people. Our world is scary right now. Lately it seems like one thing after another. There’s a divide. There’s hatred towards one another. There’s a big cloud of uneasiness of what possibly could be next.

It’s scary.

Through everything, I always go back to mental health. To me that’s the root of everyone. When times are tough, when we’re going through trauma, when we’re scared for our future, our child’s future, our nieces and nephews, our grandkids. It puts a big fucking toll on our mental health.

And that’s what scares me the most. How many people are going to be too scared to move forward. How many people are going to get stuck in circumstances that they feel like they have no other choice. How many people are too scared to talk about their own beliefs even to their family members and close friends because they hear the hatred they talk about of the opposing side.

I know there is so so much going on in this world. Many to which I don’t even understand. But what I do know is mental health can be tough. Some people may not even know they’re going through it. Many people feel lost and hopeless. Scared and angry. And it’s a lot.

It’s heavy to be where we are right now.

Remember to check in on people. Try to find some grace in your heart to be kind, even to the people that believe different than you do. We are all human. We all can have some compassion and still stand for what we believe in.

Check in on someone today. Take a deep breath even through this dark time. Know that you’re strong. Know that you can fight. Know that you’re never truly alone.

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