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Life is All About Balance

Hey boo, have you been feeling down? I have been hearing so many people talking about how they feel very stuck, unmotivated, down, and just simply not themselves lately. I want you to know, I see you and I am here for you! Today in counseling I was talking about how I, and so many others seem to be in a total freaking funk, and then she told me about Blue Monday, the third Monday of January, known to be the most depressing day of the year. What a downer thing to talk about, or is it? The fact that this day is known throughout the world makes me think about it as a community or sense of togetherness, rather than a day of depression, because we are all going through it together. Sounding a little bit nicer, right?

The biggest thing I have learned through my counseling is no matter how much "better" I get, there will always be bad days, because that is just one of the wonderful things about being human. Five years into my chronic disease, I decided I wanted a tattoo to symbolize my journey. Something that would remind me of where I have been, what I have overcome and the woman I strive to be. Something that would give me the strength on the days I have none and pride on the days I was killing it. I knew I couldn't do strength because, honestly, a lot of days I wasn't strong. I didn't want hope or faith because some days I really didn't believe it would get better. I still don't know how I finally decided on it, but my appreciation for my little tattoo grows daily. I chose the word balance. I knew that there would be hard days, but I also knew there would be amazing days that I could never have even imagined for myself, and boy was I right!

As I open myself up to this whole "emotion" thing I realize there is so much more meaning to my little tattoo than I anticipated. Emotions are all about balance, just like that little cartoon movie I had to watch about emotions, you can't have joy without sadness. You can't have amazing days without some bad days. And the best thing about those bad days, there is someone else out there that can relate. You are never alone. When you are feeling down, reach out to someone. Maybe they wont totally relate but guess what, they most likely will know about pain, sadness and sympathy.

Girl, if you are feeling down I want you to know we are here for you. You have the right to be sad, worried or stressed. You also have the right to feel loved, comforted and understood. So I challenge you to reach out to someone, talk to them, see how they are doing, we all deserve to have someone in our corner.

The world needs what you got. So go show us all that is you, the good, the bad and everything in between, be authentically you- it's all about balance!

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