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Keep Your Enemies No Where

I keep thinking I have to stop it with the cliché quotes, but then I realized it is actually very important to bring them up. Clichés are common phrases that are overused- for a reason. They are the perfect example of social norms and unspoken rules that society programs us to think. For example, we have always heard the quote, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer," but why the fuck would we ever want to do that?

Keep your enemies no where! It is important to note, that I am not saying keep them far away. I am saying they shouldn't even be anywhere in your world, because if you dislike them enough to be your enemy, you should really just erase them from any thoughts of yours. You don't need that negativity consuming any part of you.

A few weeks ago I seen a post from Molly Knuth Media, saying "unfollow isn't a dirty word." She talked about how you should only follow people who bring you joy and uplift you. How inspiring is that? If it is as easy as a button to unfollow people who don't serve you on social media, why do we make it so dang hard to do that in real life? Well, guess what, y'all? It is that easy.

I encourage you to practice this, first, on your social media because it seriously is so freeing to only have your feed be accounts that spark joy. Then, start clicking that little invisible unfollow button in real life, too! Think about the people that drain you, those are the people to physically unfollow. You may be thinking, but Mariah, it is not that easy. And, okay, yeah maybe you can't simply say I will never see that person again, but you can choose how often you do, when you do, and what the circumstances will be. You have the power to decide who you "follow" and who deserves to be in your life. Design your life with people, things and experiences that are meant for you, that make your life exactly as it should be.

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