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It’s all about your mindset!

I was diagnosed with a chronic back condition when I was 13. It threw me in to a dark place for years. The constant “why me”. Why was the life as I knew it taken from me. Years of doctors appointments. Years of surgeries. Years of being laid up and drugged on pain killers. Told time after time that there are no answers to this and routine surgeries would be my life.

Pain would be my life. The unknown would be my life. Or so I thought. I decided it was time to take control back. This is where my mental health journey began and my mindset started to change. I started to see how adaptive I was. I started to recognize what I was overcoming. I realized that even though my old life was taken from me, I had the power to create a bomb ass new life. A life that was meant for me.

I don’t know who id be without my pain, and I’m okay with that. Because my pain and my struggles got me to where I am today. My pain taught me to think outside the box. It pushed me into the world of entrepreneurship. It lead me to set up my life to fit ME.

Over the past couple of years I’ve become so damn grateful for my journey.

So to my little girl self, “why you?” Because you’re strong enough to handle it. You were meant to got through what you did to inspire others. Your struggles lead you to create a company where you can share your story. To open the dialogue of mental health, of overcoming obstacles, of opening the idea that everyone has the power to design their life for them!

I challenge you to take a second to think about your biggest struggles. Try to find one ounce of positivity. Did it make you stronger? Did it lead you to a different and better direction in life? Did it force you to grow?

It’s all about our mindset, baby! Turn it around and take control of your life!

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