Interpretation + Expectations

Interpretation + expectations

Two words with so much meaning. This last weekend was my shower and bachelorette. A party I’ve been planning for months now, down to the T. The day after I woke up I was so sad it was over, sad it didn’t go exactly as planned. I kept processing through it but these negative emotions kept coming up, even though in the bigger picture, I had the best time with the people I loved.

It’s these two words that keep getting in the way. All my planners, perfectionist, people who love control of things in order to keep your mental health in line might get this. I realized I was putting this one day on a high pedestal, having the highest expectations that simply weren’t achievable because life happens. Nothing is going to go exactly how you plan it.

In the beginning of wedding planning my counselor had told me to write out my top 3 things that mean the most for our special day, this helped with decision making but also I’m realizing it helps with the after affects too! My main goal of being with all my lovely ladies was achieved and that’s all that mattered.

Interpretation. Now this is a word everyone needs to remember in their day to day life. We ALL interpret things differently. We all perceive our day to day differently, and guess what, they’re all the correct way! The same exact story for two different people are going to be different, because our beautiful minds are different. Everyone’s story is valid in their own way. The more I try to remember this the less time I’m wasting on worrying about others. What they thought, how’d they feel, did they have fun, was it how they expected. Throw those thoughts right out the window babe, because your reality and your perception is all that matters to YOU.

My anxiety was at an all time high this week. I made sure to take a deep breath and remember that a little bit of anxiety is normal. It was an overstimulating (remember this feeling doesn’t need to be from something negative, high positive emotions can lead to overwhelm and emotional drain and fatigue) weekend full of emotions, full of my loved ones, celebrating a big event!

When big events happen it’s easy for our mind to create overwhelm when it is over. It’s almost like our mind is trying to wean off the high emotions, that when things begin to become still again it’s trying to fill the empty space with other emotions.

I’m challenging myself to be still. Let my mind be empty after the chaos of an amazing day. I’m giving the day grace + ultimately super grateful for the entirety of the day. Teaching me a lesson that things won’t go exactly as planned. Reminding myself to not sweat the small stuff. To slow down and enjoy.

Thankful for this day to give me lessons and guidance for our special day in two short months!

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