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Design Your Wardrobe

Alright y'all, I am so darn excited for this blog post because this is something I am so beyond passionate about. Not only because I love clothing, designing and intentional living but because this exact exercise is really what helped me find out who I was and lead me to be confident with being me. Yeah, yeah, I know you are thinking, really, a capsule wardrobe is my golden ticket to being confident, sure, okay. And yeah, maybe it wont work exactly like this for you because we all have to design our life in our own way, but it is worth a try, girlfriend!

Designing your wardrobe starts with slowing down and being intentional with every article of clothing you own. The easiest place to start is going through and getting rid of anything you know you don't wear. Next, get rid of anything that doesn't fit or doesn't work for you right now. Yes, even that pair of jeans you have been thinking of fixing for the last year and a half and haven't gotten around to, girl you probably aren't going to and your booty deserves a pair that doesn't cause you stress! Okay, now we have all done a closet clean out like that before, now it is time to get

i n t e n t i o n a l.

Let's dive deep and find out who you are, what you love and make sure your wardrobe speaks to you not the other way around!

Colors that spark you joy

We all have those colors that instantly spark joy right? We fill our home up with decor that speaks to us and endless throw blankets and pillows in those colors and wouldn't dare stray away from that. So why do we do that in our closet? Trends come and go and it is so darn easy to get sucked into them, trust me I have been there. But all that does for us is ensures we will never feel fulfilled. We are always wanting to add the new style to our closet and building it up, yet still saying, "I have nothing to wear." Who feels me on that? Stick with what you love, build your style and own it. I started this by getting rid of anything I had that was not in my style "brand colors".

My brand colors: rust, black, white, natural, tan, with a touch of gray and green

Fabrics that are most comfortable

My chronic pain has shaped me to choose comfort when I can. I always knew this but when it came to fashion I threw comfort out of the window and went with style. Gosh, even typing that out, what was I thinking! As I focus on designing my life for me, I finally had a lightbulb moment that I can design my own boho badass comfort style. Hello comfy graphic tee's and crews that look cute as hell and can be dressed up or down. This may not be something anyone else is picky about but another way to narrow down my designed closet was to get rid of any fabric that didn't feel good to me. Anything itchy? Gone. Anything non breathable? Bye Bye. This honestly helped me realize I only like two fabrics, cotton and denim. But here is the amazing thing about knowing fabrics you love- when I am shopping online and have a bunch of items in my cart I can narrow out anything that doesn't fit my favorite fabric types, which makes my wallet happy too!

My fabrics: cotton and denim

Versatile pieces

How is your closet looking, boo? Feeling inspired yet? So by now you should be able to see your style right in front of you. If you are happy with how it looks now, you can go ahead and live your life, girl! BUT if you want to narrow your closet down even more, here is how you do it. Keep only versatile pieces. Have a top you can only wear with a certain bra, only a high waist skirt and those booties that make you feet hurt for three days after? Well I vote you toss that right out. Make sure your clothing can be used in many different outfits. And if you are reading this from Iowa, can you wear it in December and in June? Obviously some pieces wont fit that last statement but a lot of them can! A tank in the summer you can wear with a jacket in the winter. You get the gist. I throw this tip in at the end because you may find some of your clothing is more versatile than you thought. Once you can visually see how all of your clothing can go together, now that the clutter isn't in the way, you'll be surprised how many outfits you can throw together with your intentionally chosen clothing you have left!

Versatile pieces: tee's, tanks, skirts, jeans, jackets and crew's

Have staple pieces

Lastly, a fun little styling tip, have staple pieces. My go to staple pieces are hats and jackets. These two pieces can change up an outfit in so many different ways. It is also another little shopping hack, if you are deciding between a few items in your cart, know which items you wear daily and are always the first thing to grab out of your closet, that may be the thing you choose to purchase!

Staple pieces: jackets and hats

Designed wardrobes (capsule wardrobes) are the way to freaking go, girl! Picking out your outfit is a breeze because you can actually see everything in your closet and everything already matches! Also you can feel confident and comfortable in whatever you choose because you only have clothing that you love. Remember that you get to design your style, for you. Quit following trends and start following you.

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