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Clear Your Clutter

Hey girl, it's time to do some cleaning, and I am not just talking about that box of leftovers stashed in the back of your fridge, although you should probably take care of that, too. I am talking about the clutter in your mind. If you know me well, you know I have a deep love for minimalism. For those of you who have never heard of that term, minimalism is intentionally living with only the things you need to support your purpose, and to focus on what matters most.

Many people think minimalism is just about getting rid of all your shit, but don't worry I am not here to talk about that, there was a Netflix show for that a few years ago! I am talking about a minimalist mind, clearing your mind, your money and your time of clutter.

Minimalist Mind:

Have you ever had a time where you totally embarrassed yourself, back when you were like 12 and still to this day, you think back to it and feel uncomfortable? Whew, glad I am not the only one. Well that is the type of clutter that needs to hit the trash! It is crazy how much our mind can hold for us. It is also crazy how much shit your mind shouldn't be holding on to. Look through your mental closet and decide what boxes need to stay in there, and what ones are just collecting dust and pain. Decide what boxes bring you joy and move those to the front. My counselor did this analogy for me, as if my younger self had to literally hold on to all these boxes for me. When I had a negative emotions, even present emotions, I would throw them on to her, blaming her (my past traumas), for making me feel the way I did, rather than dealing with my emotions and getting rid of them, as they don't longer serve me. Just like that 3rd place ribbon I got in swim team in the seventh grade. Think about all the extra shit your inner self is holding on to, for you. I now decide to fill my closet with a box of love for my family, with gratitude I have for my growing business, with thankfulness I have for the good days and hope for my bad days.

Minimalist Money:

Again, for those people who know me, like really know me, know I am the biggest cheap ass on the planet. You may think that is the perfect recipe for minimalist money, but being a cheap ass made me very anxious about money, and ain't nobody got time for anxiety over a dollar bill! I was reading a business book that had me write out my money goal, how I was going to make each penny of that goal, and where that money was then going to go to. I highly recommend this exercise to really get a grasp of your goals and why they are set to that standard, because dang was this eye opening. Once I made out my two lists, I realized I do not need the big money goal that everyone thrives for, because frankly, I had no need. Even with divvying out all the money to bills, food, play money and savings I still was no where near what my goal was. This was truly a humbling realization that I just did not need all that money I hoped for, I had no use for it. I decided what amount of money I needed to live the type of life I want live and to be grateful to ever get above that goal, but not to run my ass off to get there.

Minimalist Time:

Who is ready for another cliché quote? Come on, you aren't sick of them already, are you? Alright, we have all heard "time is of the essence" and "you only have one life to live," so what the heck are you doing spending it doing things you don't love? And I mean things you truly love. With the world slowing down in 2020, I had time to slow down and figure out what things I missed doing, and what things I simply just did not! I was learning who I am and what brings me joy, but I really wanted to challenge what things I wanted to start saying no to. If you haven't heard of Sarah Knight, you really need to change that! I just recently read her book You Do You and listened to her TED talk, The Magic of Not Giving a F***, which brb I need to go order that book of hers as well! She talks about who and what to give your fucks to by laying out a Fuck Budget, you only have a certain amount of fucks to give, so you have to use them wisely. She talks about thinking twice before giving your fucks to your coworkers going away party, that you've never even talked to. Because you deserve to spend your fuck bucks on something that really matters to you. Doesn't that just sound liberating?

So clear that clutter, girl. You don't have to keep all of that negative energy locked up in your internal closet. You deserve to fill it with positivity, joy and love. Forget all the things you feel obligated to do, because the only thing you are obligated to do is live your life the way you want. Your time and energy should be used to serve you and the ones you love. From the words of Sarah Knight, use your fuck bucks however the hell you want to!

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