Chronic Pain Gift Guide

Designing the life I want to live starts within. Mental health and self care is super important to me, because when you feel good mentally, your true badass self will show up, and the world needs that! I put together a little gift guide for your chronic pain loved one or the most perfect self care package for yourself! Here are a few of my must haves.

Sage Kit

If you haven't smudged your home with sage before, go do it now! Trust me when I say you will be obsessed with the positive energy it brings to your home. Sage is one of my favorite tools to help with my mental health, the smell of it instantly relaxes me. I use it at least twice a week to cleanse away all negativity and welcome only positive vibes.

Weighted Blanket

I went back and forth trying to decide if a weighted blanket would be beneficial for me, because I do not like tight spaces or touching. However, this thing is amazing. I am guessing it feels similar to a baby in a swaddle, and weirdly enough, I am all here for that. This weighted blanket would be ideal for anyone who struggles with anxiety and depression, which for me comes hand and hand with chronic pain. Also, the fur on this one feels exactly like a cuddly puppy so it is even more perfect!

Moist Heat Pack

Who else uses a heating pad on the daily? When I first got a moist heat pack, I didn't necessarily understand what the difference was going to be, but the moist part of the heat pack is heavenly. The other awesome part about these is that you can take them anywhere since you do not need a plug in, so it works very good for traveling.

Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are just a vibe. First of all they make cute decor but also the golden glow it puts off is so relaxing. Many of them come with a toggle to reduce the intensity of the light so you can radiate as much light as you need.

Tens Unit

If you have chronic pain, this thing is for you. I have had my tens unit for about ten years now and it is always my go to when I am having severe pain. The electrical current massages the area as well as stimulates your nerves which is ideal for people with low back pain/nerve pain.

Cupping Set

Deep tissue massage is heaven on earth for my chronic pain, but I struggle at making the time to get them done, and hello I am cheap so I also do not want to pay for that. BUT these things do. the. trick. let me tell you! A lot of my pain comes form scar tissue since I have had five back surgeries and these boys do the trick. I put the cups on the problem areas for about 5 minutes and then suction it and move it around for about a minute after.

Dr Teal's Epsom Salt

Last, but definitely not least- some Epsom salt. But not any ole' Epsom salt, this stuff smells AMAZING! Again, I am very sensitive to smells and some smells can instantly relax me, and this my friends, is one of them. Epsom salt baths are one of my favorite things for self care for so many reasons, they are so relaxing in general but the Epsom salt actually reduces your inflammation along with a lot more benefits as well!

Now, I know what you are thinking, what am I doing posting a gift guide the week of Christmas. Don't you worry, these links are either Amazon Prime or offer Curbside Pick Up so you can still get them in time! So whether you use this as a gift guide for your chronic pain loved one, or to purchase a bomb ass self care package for your self, I hope you enjoy and remember to take some time for yourself this week, you deserve it, boo!

Did you purchase something off our gift guide? Tag us when you try it out!

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