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Breaking out + feeling free

Human emotions are crazy to say the least, after this past year of getting engaged moving, getting married planning the entire wedding- amped up with stress and excitement, when it was all over- I felt very off.

My counselor explained that when we are in such a high moment, it’s normal for us to swing on the pendulum of life to the opposite side once that is done.

That is where depression or hyper fixation can sink in for me. It’s so odd. Yet, makes so much sense when we find out why our emotions act as they do in different aspects of our life.

I had to adjust to the new normal, which overwhelmed me, and made me think that something was wrong, but when it’s all laid out there, it’s just human nature we’re always evolving, we’re always adjusting, we’re always growing, which then means we’re always having to adapt.

Us as humans love comfortability when we’re changing it’s scary it’s unknown and it’s uncomfortable, so we try everything to get out of it, when really all we need to do is surrender and fall into it and let it take us to the next step.

So to all my lovely humans out there, struggling, know that you are just growing and evolving in life, and I am so proud of you for that!

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