MPrint is an apparel + design business that believes you can design the life you want to live.


Our priority is to inspire you to be, do and surround yourself with things that bring you joy every single day. Everything in your life should feel right to you, your clothes should speak to you, your home should relax you, your business should inspire you.


You have the power to design your life for you.


MPrint started four years ago as a custom apparel printing company, we printed anything and everything that was requested. Every day was very different, I loved that I had the ability to create, but there was still something missing. A year into MPrint, I had my 5th back surgery due to a chronic condition. Thankfully I designed my office and work systems in a way to adapt to me no matter my physical health state, so production continued, however my emotional health TANKED. I always count this as my sign from the universe to go back to counseling and get some serious help. I honestly didn’t know how badly I was struggling, I was numb for years, just going through the motions and dissociating. I realized I didn’t know who the heck Mariah even was anymore. As I dug into my emotional trauma, and started processing and grieving, I was finally able to start finding out who I am and ultimately found out what I wanted MPrint to be.


I wanted to be more than a custom apparel shop. I wanted it to be something that matters. I wanted it to be a safe space for women to be themselves and I wanted my apparel to inspire them, and remind them they’re not alone! And this is where I found my true passion.


At MPrint we talk a lot about mental health and designing your life to work for you. I constantly want to spread the message that we are all capable of creating our ideal life. We have the power to set boundaries and we get to choose who we are and what we do.


MPrint also found our passion in helping and supporting other women owned businesses. It started with building connections with them and learning about their unique stories and how their dream came to life, their struggles and their triumphs. Having your own business can be very lonely. As an introvert, I thought I was fine with that, but once I got a taste of how amazing and uplifting it is to connect with ladies that get it, my mind was honestly blown. I always felt like an outsider, but connecting with these business babes made me feel like I finally found my tribe.


Now MPrint helps many business babes with their business branding merchandise and it’s been absolutely incredible. We love to be a part of all these amazing humans entrepreneurial journey and see their vision come to life in our apparel! It’s safe to say MPrint has found their tribe over the last four years. We’ve connected with our ideal customers and can’t wait to see what connections will be built and align with our brand.


We hope anyone that comes across the MPrint brand feels heard, seen, comfortable and inspires them to share their journey and to be so dang proud of who they are!